Back to the real world

I graduated from PHP/IOP at Sonora on Friday. Now I’m faced with, as Jon Kabat-Zinn calls it, The Full Catastrophe: no summer job, research and dissertation to start making progress on, and two math classes to take. I have a mostly finished draft of a research paper on teacher education, but I haven’t done any substantive work since last year. It’s been nice to have the break, but now I feel more than a little lost..

I picked up Thomas Merton’s Seeds of Contemplation for advice:

“Let no one hope to find in contemplation an escape from conflict, from anguish or from doubt. On the contrary, the deep, inexpressible certitude of the contemplative experience awakens a tragic anguish and open many questions in the depths of the heart like wounds that cannot stop bleeding.” -Thomas Merton, Seeds of Contemplation, p. 12

So, it seems apropos that as I enter the real world I’m filled with doubt. Doubt is the beginning of renewal and rebirth.

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