I’m James Sheldon, and this is my website, named (appropriately enough) JamesSheldon.Com.

The key question that’s intrigued me for the last seven years seems simple at first. The question is – why is it that some people can’t learn mathematics, and what can be done about it?. Along the way, I’ve stopped to explore queer theory, disability studies, special education, and mathematics education; this site will guide you through those journeys.

What I’ve come to realize is that this is not just a problem that resides in an individual student’s head. When a student can’t learn math, it’s psychological, cultural, social, and above all, political.

I invite you to join me in this political project in whatever shape or form this might take for you. Some possibilities include:

I can be reached by email at jsheldon (at) jamessheldon dot com or by leaving a comment on any of these pages.

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  1. Hi, Mr. Sheldon. I just read your article, “The Pedagogy of the Student,” and I wanted to reach out and thank you! I’m a teacher for individuals learning English language, and I’ve been researching how to promote agency in my classes through critical pedagogy (CP). I noticed the emphasis on action in CP, which is also present in the agency literature, and it didn’t jive with my experiences with students or as a student myself. Your thoughts gave voice to my concerns and helped me to begin exploring another way – hopefully, a more accurate and equitable way – of understanding agency. I suppose you could say that I was reading as a “receptive agent.” 😉 Thank you so much!!!

  2. Hi James,

    This book of mine is a critical counter text to normative contemplative pedagogy and includes some critiques of counseling, and does include directions for a more critical social mindfulness in K-12. I am a retired counselor educator who was frustrated with the lack of interest in critical thinking in the field and in particular when it comes to contemplative practices so any consideration is appreciated.
    Thank you.
    All the best,

    David Forbes, PhD, LMHC
    Emeritus Associate Professor
    Urban Education Doctoral Program CUNY Graduate School

    School Counseling program (retired)
    School of Education
    Brooklyn College/CUNY


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