I’m James Sheldon, and this is my website, named (appropriately enough) JamesSheldon.Com.

The key question that’s intrigued me for the last three years seems simple at first. The question is – why is it that some people can’t learn mathematics, and what can be done about it?. Along the way, I’ve stopped to explore queer theory, disability studies, special education, and mathematics education; this site will guide you through those journeys.

What I’ve come to realize is that this is not just a problem that resides in an individual student’s head. When a student can’t learn math, it’s psychological, cultural, social, and above all, political.

I invite you to join me in this political project in whatever shape or form this might take for you. Some possibilities include:

  • Reading one of my papers and commenting on it using the comment features of this site
  • Testing one of my papers in your classes
  • Participating in one of my newly forming problem solving groups in Oakland, CA (less than a half mile from BART)
  • Working with me individually on your problem solving skills (or other more bureaucratic things like course selection and financial aid; I help a lot of students in navigating those mundane, but frustrating/scary bureaucracies they face in their education)
  • Participating in my working group (either in person or virtually) at the Psychology of Mathematics Education-North America conference in Chicago in November.
  • Contributing material to my freely-licensed, open-sourced mathematics “methods course” textbook
  • Testing my lesson plans and curricula in your classroom and offering your experiences and revisions to them
  • Forwarding one of the links from this site to someone you think might be interested.
  • Or some idea of your own that really excited you – I love hearing new ideas, discussing them, and running with them…

I can be reached by email at criticalpedagogue (at) gmail.com or by leaving a comment on any of these pages. I also have a monthly newsletter that’s a part of this site that you can sign up for below:

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All material on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 and may be freely copied and reused, even for commerical purposes, provided that it is attributed to me and kept under these same terms. If you’d like to learn more about a new paradigm I’m working on for funding freely-licensed works, check out Snowdrift.coop for more information.

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