Are you Learning Oriented or Grade Oriented?

1.I enjoy classes in which the instructor attempts to relate material to concerns beyond the classroom.
2.Instructors expect too much out-of-class reading and study by students.
3.I think it is unfair to test students on material not covered in class lectures and discussions, even if it is in reading assignments.
4.I find the process of learning new material fun.
5.I dislike courses which require ungraded out-of-class activities.
6.I dislike courses in which a lot of material is presented in class, or in readings. that does not appear on exams.
7.I prefer to write a term paper on interesting material than to take a test on the same general topic.
8.Easy classes that are not pertinent to my educational goals generally bore me.
9.I get annoyed when lectures or class presentations are only rehashes of easy reading assignments.
10.A teacher ‘s comments on an essay test mean more to me than my actual test score.
11.Written assignments (i.e., homework, projects, etc.) that are not graded are a waste of a student’s time.
12.I do not find studying at home to be interesting or pleasant
13.I appreciate the instructor who provides honest and detailed evaluation of my work though such evaluation is sometimes unpleasant.
14.I am more concerned about seeing which questions I missed than I am with finding out my test grade
15.I think that without regularly scheduled exams I would not learn and remember very much.
16.I think grades provide me a good goal to work toward.

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