What is the Cause of Your Math Anxiety?

1.I find working on math enjoyable.
2.I am proud of my math work.
3.When I am taking a math test, I feel sure of myself.
4.No matter how hard I try, I feel I just cannot understand my math.
5.I worry about how well I am doing in school.
6.Mathematics makes me feel like I’m lost in a jungle of numbers and I can’t find my way out.
7.When I raise my hand to ask the teacher a question about math, I feel sure of myself.
8.When I take a hard math test, I feel that my mind goes blank and I forget what I knew before I started.
9.It does not scare me at all when my teacher calls on me to answer a math question.
10.When I am working on math homework, I feel sure of myself.
11.I dread having to take more math.
12.There’s no sense in trying a hard math problem, I feel that I’ll just get it wrong anyway.
13.Math makes me feel confused.
14.When I worry about a math test, I do much better on the test.
15.Taking math tests scares me.
16.While taking a math test, my mind wanders and I start thinking about other things.
17.If it was up to me, I would spend a lot more time doing math.
18.I worry about my other subjects, not just math.
19.I find working on math frustrating.
20.When I am in math class, I usually feel at ease.
21.When I compare math to other subjects, I feel more sure of myself in math.
22.When I am taking a math test, I usually feel nervous and uneasy.
23.When I can’t solve a math problem right away, I spend much effort before giving up.
24.No matter what class or subject it is, taking tests in school makes me feel nervous and uneasy.
25.If I try my best, I will do well in math this year.
26.I find preparing for a math test enjoyable.
27.I would find it enjoyable to be given a set of math problems to solve.
28.It does not scare me at all to think I have more math classes to take.
29.It scares me to think I will be taking advanced math.

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